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Thats unknown

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Q: What will Spyro and Cinder's baby dragon look like?
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In spyro dawn of the dragon is malefor a purple dragon?

He is a purple dragon, just like Spyro, but evil.

What does legendary Spyro look like?

A dragon

Who the heck is Cinder?

Cinder is Spyro's sister in Spyro The New Begining and Eternal Night. She was turned evil by the dark lord. After battling with Spyro she became a young dragon that looked like alot like Spyro. Spark (Spyro's anoying friend) still blames her for being evil.

Is Spyro clever dragon?

Very clever. I mean like, come on, he saved the world :D

How to activate button on In spyro enter the dragonfly?

Like the name goes, you find the dragon flies!

Does cynder like spyro?

of course she does. Spyro and Cynder were chained together in the game the legend of spyro: Dawn of the dragon. they had to get through everything and so she knows a lot about Spyro and likes him. well if you didnt like someone and you thought that you were going to die you would not say "i love you" to them would you?

Is the legend of Spyro dawn of the dragon the last Spyro game?

I don't think anybody knows. To me it seems like a cliffhanger since everybody thinks Spyro is dead, but remember: Dragons come back to life, but we'll see.

Who are all the dragons in spyro dawn of the dragon?

Spyro, Cynder, Malefor, the Chronicler, Ignitus, Volteer, Cyril, Terrador, and one that looks sorta like a crocodile that has no name. And if you count them separately, Dark Spyro and Dark Cynder.

How old is Sparx the dragonfly?

Sparx was born on the same day as spyro. in spyro a new beginning and the eternal night spyro is 10 year old and so is Sparx but in dawn of he dragon it has been 3 year so know Sparx is 13 like Spyro

How many Spyro the Dragon characters are there?

These are some Spyro (the main character) Sparx the Dragonfly (the little glowing thing that folows spyro around) Cynder (the other dragon in spyro dawn of the dragon) Emerald (no longer in it was replaced as spyro's girlfriend by cynder) Moneybags (no longer in it used to sell stuff to spyro) Hunter (is a cheater and one of spyros best pals) SGT Birdie (only in "Spyro a hero tails") Bianca (no longer in it was one of spyros friends she is a rabbit) Blink (no longer in it a mole that doesn't like to go under ground one of spyros friends) Gnasy Gnork (One of spyro's arch enemy's) Ripto (another one of spyro's arch enemy's) Red (no longer in it was one of spyros enemies in "Spyro a hero tail") These are all the main ones here are some of the other ones: The Dragonfly's (all Sparxes friends) The Dragon Elders (the dragons that taught spyro al his trick's The Bad guys (The Creature's that try to kill spyro ) Every day dragons (only in Ds spyro dawn legacy) These are most i know. Hope it helps (=

Is Malefor Spyro's brother?

No, Spyro isn't Malefor's brother because Malefor was born first. He thought he was the only purple dragon to be born. But then until Spyro came, he was a purple dragon too. Malefor used to be on the good side, but when he became older, he turned evil. Im afraid I dont know why Malefor turned evil, but that's all I know. ^ Somewhere in the TLOS trilogy, (don't remember where) The Chronicler tells Spyro that as a young dragon, Malefor was very much like Spyro himself. But he became so corrupted with his power that the Guardians had to lock him in Conveixty. That's how he turned evil. :)

Why did the creators of the series make Spyro a purple dragon not in the legend of Spyro but in the regular series?

When Insomniac first invented Spyro, he was green! But they realized that he blended in with most of the backrounds too well, and looked like some compteing teams' dragons. So, they went all-out and turned him purple. Why not?