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There won't be one, Elder Scrolls 5, Skyrim, is the last game coming out.

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Q: What will the sixth elder scroll game be?
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Is ther going to be an elder scroll game 6?

most lilkly

Is there any elder scroll games for ps2?

Pleas tell me how play on this game pleas!

Is there going to be a Elder Scrolls V Skyrim game of the year to buy like there was a Elder Scroll IV oblivion game edition of the year to buy?

Probably by the end of this year or next year

What are the names of the 2 elder scroll novels?

The Infernal City and Lord of Souls. Elder scroll novels by Greg Keyes

Can you add muscle mods to your female characters on Skyrim elder scroll seen as they is none on the main game alone?

No you can not.

How come your character in all the elder scroll games have a secret past you know nothing about not even the other characters in the game?

because the character's past is irrelevant to the game.

Will there be an Elder Scrolls game after Skyrim?

There should be more games for the Elder Scrolls series. One reason is that there are still some countries Elder Scrolls hasn't cover yet, like the Black Marsh or Elsweyr. So far, there are a total of 15 Elder Scroll games (in 2012)

What is the best armor im the elder scroll 5?

daedic armour

Is there books on previous adventures on the characters you played in other elder scroll games in Skyrim elder scrolls?

no there is no books on previous adventures of the characters from Skyrim elder scrolls.

How do you get rid of the tree on the elder scroll iv the fighters gilud?

You have to overload the machine

What do you do if you forgot to steal the elder scroll from the palace after getting in it?

Go back and grab it.

Can you transfer game progress from one Xbox account to another?

yeah you can but not on all only with some games of xbox how elder scroll iv and all type of roll i think.