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Q: When bill's grandfather asks if you have a Pokemon blue with leaves growing around its head what Pokemon is it?
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Blue pokemon that has leaves growing on its head?


What Pokemon is round blue and has leaves growing from its head?


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What do leaves mean on Pokemon go?

When walking around on Pokemon Go you might notice some green or black leaves on your map. This just means Pokemon are spawning in that general area. It does not mean they are at the source of the leaves, but about 100 feet around there.

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by his feet, walk around and you'll find blackglasses, but he doesn't want them and leaves

Why is your dogwood tree not growing leaves?

because it is.

What do the leaves in Pokemon GO do?

Well the thing is I have a feeling that the exploding leaves in Pokemon go mean that there is a new Pokemon being made. I could be wrong that was just a thought.

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because the other leaves are dying and new leaves are growing

What is it called when trees grow their leaves back?

Refoliation is a word that describes leaves growing back on trees.Specifically, foliation describes the first spurt of growth in a season. A tree may defoliate - or in other words, lose all of its leaves - in response to a severe infestation by pests. Oak trees (Quercus spp) respond to such an attack by growing another, second set of leaves within that same growing season.