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23rd February

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Q: When does the January squad update come out on fifa 11?
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Why can't i update the latest squad in fifa 11?

It's not released yet.

How do you update the squads in FIFA 11?

start-all programs-ea sports-fifa 07-squad update

Is pires in FIFA 11?

No not at this moment, but I'm sure an update will be out soon in January.

When will the fifa 12 transfer update come out?

23 feb.

Does the online squad update in Fifa 11 DS reset your Manager Mode and Ultimate 11 Challenge Teams?

no it does not I tried it

Does FIFA 08 get a transfer update from the summer of 2008?

FIFA 08 owners should definitely not hold their breath for a summer 08 squad update; with the awful FIFA 09 (if the demo is anything to go by) out in October, EA will be more interested in pushing the new product than in supporting the previous edition.

When will the multiplayer mode on FIFA 11 come out?

The update will be released 20th of October.

Will the FIFA 11 squad updates included players that get moved up from the academy?

Ya, just go to my fifa 11. Then click on squads and click on download squad update to get the latest squads. I'm sure they'll get the players who move up as long as it's within the season 2010-2011.

How do you download latest squad updates for FIFA 12 It says I am not eligible to do it?

yes i want to download fifa 12 latest squad because i dint have fifa 13

When does the FIFA 12 update?

you have to update it youself, through the in game menus

What game's will not update the Wii?

my fifa 11 wont update but it might update on another wii

Can you update boots in FIFA 13 on your PS vita?

no in fifa 14 it will be able