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Q: When is the swimming center built in the sims freeplay?
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How do you build a swimming center in sims freeplay?

Click on the sim and then onto the swimming centre and they will then go into the swimming centre in Sim Freeplay. There's not much else to say on the subject.

How do you build a community center in sims freeplay?

Click it and buy it

What is The Sims freeplay?

a free version of sims

How many sims do you get in sims freeplay?


How can you get the sims freeplay on windows surface rt?

Yes you can the sims freeplay on the surface rt and all windows 8 accessories.

How many sims can you have on sims freeplay?

about 699 babiesonly 699699

Can you have a baby on the Sims Freeplay?


Can sims have babies on freeplay?

== == yes

How much do the Sims freeplay swimming pool cost?

It will vary depending on the pool that you want. You can build the pool by going to the menu and then using the miscellaneous for building options.

Where can i get sims 3 for the iPod touch free?

Go to the app store and search Freeplay then just look for the picture that says Sims FreePlay

How do you buy a bedtale on sims freeplay?

What is a bedtale on sims free play

How do you get to to community center on my sims?

The Sims Community Center is available once you have built it. It is the place for preteen ballet and karate. Once built it is in the left hand corner of your town.