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i dont know but it pisses me off i hate neversoft greedy pricks Guitar Hero has sold out ever since worlds tours family friendly image it goes against the spirit of rock and roll

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Q: When will Guitar Hero drum kit go on sale seprately?
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Will there be a Guitar Hero 6?

Yeah there is, and its allready on sale!

Where do they sale Guitar Hero world tour?

Go to Gamestop or Gamecrazy they have them.

Where might one find a used drum for sale?

One can find a used drum for sale from these stores: Michael Pluznick, Amazon, eBay, He Happy There, Guitar Centre, Phoenix Music Lessons, Preloved, Samuel Music.

Can you use a Guitar Hero 3 wireless controller with the first guitar hero for PlayStation 2?

It depends, if you are using a guitar hero 3 controller which is for the ps2 then yes it will work. But sometimes it may not depending on the version of the game or the age of your ps2. Hey, scrap that and just get a ps3, wii or xbox (especially at times of great sale (speaking of huge sales in 2008-09 when credit crunch))

How long is the warranty on a guitar hero world tour drumset?

3 months after sale date. But, if you get the express exchange through RedOctane I don't think it matters.

How much is it to just get a Guitar Hero controller?

Sounds like you're running Frets on Fire and wanna upgrade from computer keyboards and imagination. I assume, therefore, that you're referring to Xbox 360 controllers, because they're the easiest to install. You can buy Wired Guitar Hero X-Plorer Controllers (The ones that came with Guitar Hero 2) for about 20 bucks, now. Some stores still have them packaged up and on sale. They're all over the internet, too, used and new. I bought mine from a buddy who had a 360. If you're looking to go wireless, you need to spend about 60 bucks- 40 for a Guitar Hero Les Paul (The ones that came with Guitar Hero 3) and 20 for the Xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows.

How do you put other songs onto guitar hero world tour for wii?

Buy a Wii Points card, or buy points directly from the Wii Store with a credit card, then use them to buy the songs currently for sale in the Guitar Hero store. I believe there is Metallica, Boston, Rick Springfield, and Blind Melon, among others. More will be added as time goes on.

Which online retailers have drum sets for sale?

There are many online retailers that have drum sets for sale. These include Furtados, Alamo Music, Gak, Bananas Music, Musical Friend and even Best Buy.

Importance of recession in hero Honda?

Recession has not effected HERO HONDA, its sale is increasing continuously

Where is a david rubio guitar for sale?

Trilogy Guitars in L.A.

Where can I find effective guitar tutorials?

Guitar tutorials are available on Youtube, guitarplayerscenter, and for sale at music stores. The best way to learn guitar, is from a music teacher, or a professional.

Where can one find a Fender Guitar AMP online?

Fender Guitar amplifiers can be found online at any site that specializes in the sale of musical instruments. These could be independent shops offering their products for sale online up to large, national retailers like Guitar Center.