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The trailer is now online. Go to the Resident Evil movie website and check it out for yourself. "Resident Evil:Afterlife" hits theatres for the first time in digital and IMAX 3D on September 10th. The day before the 9th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York City.

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Q: When will there be an Resident Evil afterlife trailer?
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Who sings in the Resident Evil afterlife trailer?

The song in the Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer is called A Perfect Circle, by The Outsider [Resident Evil Renholder Remix].

Where to see the HQ video trailer of Resident Evil Afterlife movie?

See below for the site.

Which Resident Evil comes before afterlife?

Resident Evil: Extinction comes before Afterlife.

What is the song in the Resident Evil afterlife trailer?

well its by this guy named tomandandy but i could never find the song

When is Resident Evil afterlife coming out on DVD wa?

Resident Evil: Afterlife was released on December 28th of 2010.

Where can you see the Resident Evil Afterlife online?

You might Watch Resident Evil Afterlife online from the links in the related links.

Does Jensen Ackles play Leon in Resident Evil afterlife?

He will be featured in Resident Evil 5, the sequel to Resident Evil Afterlife. No matter what "newspapers" said in Resident Evil Apocalypse, Leon will make an appearance! SEE LINK

Who has directed the Latest English Movie Resident Evil Afterlife?

Paul W. S. Anderson directed Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Are 3d effetcs included in the Resident Evil Afterlife movie?

You can pretty much tell by the trailer when the giant hammer comes towards the screen.

Can any one tell when is the release date of Resident Evil Afterlife?

Resident Evil: Afterlife was released in the US on September 10, 2010.

Is there going to be a fourth resident evil movie?

The 4th Resident Evil movie is titled Resident Evil Afterlife, and was released in 2010.

Which movie is Resident Evil 2?

resident evil , resident evil apocolypse, and resident evil extincition and Resident Evil Afterlife. There's also a CG Resident Evil movie called Resident Evil Degeneration and in 2012 they realease another one Resident Evil Damnation.