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135 im getting 99 fire making right now and im using maple logs cuz they are cheap and give alot of exp

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Q: When you burn a maple log how much exp do you get on RuneScape?
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How much Exp. do experiments in RuneScape give?

400 exp.

How much exp do you need for 99 runescape?

13,034,431 EXP

How much exp do making iron platebodies give you on runescape?

75 exp each.

In runescape how much exp do you get in making 1 cake?

you get 9 billion exp when you make a cake

How much exp do you get for mining coal in runescape?

30 each

How much xp do you get from a yew tree on runescape?

175 exp

How much xp is 99 stat on runescape?

The total exp is 13,034,431 experience for a 99 stat on RuneScape.

In runescape does the item you high alch affect how much exp you receive?

No, any item gives the same exp.

How much exp do the 53 zombies give on runescape?

920 each

How much xp do you you get from burning 1 set of maple logs on runescape?

i got 99 firemaking from maples and you get 3,645 exp per one inventory load ,this includes the 27 logs and 1 tender box

How much exp do you get from making bronze knives in runescape?

12.5 Smithing experience

On runescape how much woodcutting exp is a full bag of yew logs?

each log is 175 exp 28*175 4.9k