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Q: Where are the tokens in yellow pac marine?
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How many total tokens are in Pac-Man World 2?

there are 200 tokens, 40 tokens for bonuses, and 160 hidden in the 20 non-boss stages. there are 8 in each level (excluding bosses)

What color is pac man?


Are Pac Man's dots yellow?

No they're white.

What species or animal is pac-man?

I think you may be confused what is pac-man. The species of pacman is a fictional species called a pac person or pac people. Just like humans in real life but the word pac in their world, so they call them pac people or person. In the pac man wiki it says that pac man's species is a pac person. In the pac man world series pac man owns a pac dog and is yellow just like the other pac people. The name of his pac dog is Chomp or either Chompy. These are the list of pac people that exist: Pac-man, Mrs pac man, baby pacman, and that's all I can think of. In pac man and the ghostly adventures the new pac man TV show there are all kinds of pac people that appeared in the show. In the video game series back then they were all yellow. But in pac man and the ghostly adventures there were different all colored pac people. In the show pac man and the ghostly adventures it's says pac-man feels alone because he was the only yellow one since pac man world war ended.

How much does the old tokens cost to buy for the Triborough Bridge and tunnel authority marine Henry Hudson cross bay m?

2300 Tokens

What are Ms. Pac-Man’s favorite colors Tell me?

Ms. Pac-Man’s favorite color Is...

What color is pacman?

Pac-Man is yellow.

How would you describe pac man?

Like a shiny yellow ball

What does PAC in thread connection?

PAC are the initials of the man who invented/improved the thread-form. His name was Phil A. Cornell and was, at the time, an employee of Land & Marine Rental Tools.

Why is pac-man yellow?

The people that created Pac-Man just decided to make him yellow, maybe it was she/he's favorite color? Who knows? 'Nother question, 'nother day.

What is the real name of yellow duck marine?

yellow submarine yawn

What is the full name of Blue and yellow Marine Fish?