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Q: Where are the truth files in assassins creed 2 what city aswell?
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Was Thomas Edison evil?

According to the Truth Files in Assassins Creed II, yes.

Did Assassins Creed 1 have a the truth?


What is the code for the truth file 13 in assassins creed 2?

i dont know if it is one but i have all the truth files and you can maybe go to assassins creed 2 web battle and there it is maps over cityes (i dont know how you write that word) but there it is with truth file locations and feathers locations.

What is the 18th truth in assassins creed 2?

dont know figure it out

What happens when you solve the TRUTH in assassins creed2?

You watch it again or go play Assassins Creed 3 or if you havent Beaten the game beat it.

What is the Assassins Creed truth?

It is a video of Adam and Eve from the book of Genisis stealing the "Apple of Eden"

What is the answer to the truth files on assassins creed 2?

The video that is unlocked shows Adam and Eve escaping from... ... Somewhere. But I think they might be escaping a crime scene where they just stole the apple of eden, as this is also pictured

On assassins creed 2 when you have completed the truth how do you go back as desmond miles?

Unlike Assassin's Creed 1, you do not have the option of leaving the animus by choice.

Where is the Assassin's Creed 2 the truth files?

The physical files? They can be found in the pause menu under "The Truth". The glyphs can be found throughout the world at specific points.

Where are all the Truth signs in assassins creed 2?

This guide tells you the location of each glyph as well as how to solve the Truth Files in order. Note: You don't have to get the glyphs in this order, the Truth files will be in the same order no matter which glyph you find.

In assassins creed 2 after the truth they said to go back as desmond miles but you cant figure out how?

You may have mis-interpreted the dialogue. Exiting the animus is not necessary after discovering The Truth.

What is the code for truth file 5 in assassins creed 2?

if you mean the passcode on the end : that's 8 1 4 9 2