Where can you buy a r4 in Toronto?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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2 words "Pacific Mall" some people say they are fake and advertise a site that has "real ones" but i got one from one of the sites and guess what it was fake so i got one from Pacific Mall and it worked and still works today but i had to update to wood r4 for Pokemon black/white James Camerons Avatar and so on

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Q: Where can you buy a r4 in Toronto?
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Where can you buy an r4 chip in Toronto?

You can buy an R4 chip online at Ebay, Amazon or Kijiji OR at Pacific mall scarborough to find out directions go to has the best prices on R4 and R4i cartridges with fast free shipping to all Canadian destinations

Where to buy r4 for ds in new york city?

There are a couple of places you can buy R4 for the Nintendo DS system. You can buy this at Best Buy or GameStop.

Where do you download R4?

IF you mean R4 DS, then you have to buy it.. you cant just download it.

Where can you buy a r4 card for 3ds?

there are a lot of online sites to sell those r4 cards, just be careful of the R4 clone cards, there are many cards called R4 in the market, if you plan to buy a r4 card for your 3DS, i would recommend you buy r4i gold 3ds or supercard dstwo, both of them are working great on your 3ds.

R4 how to use in dsi?

You will have to buy R4i, because R4 doesn't work on DSi.

How do you unlock a Ds r4 after using your friends r4 and use your friends r4 inyour own ds?

What!? A DS R4??? Well i presume you meen 'how do you make the DS have an auto boot R4?' (not possible!) Just buy an R4, theres no way you can have a DS what runs roms without an R4 (or any other flash cards) You can buy them here: (for both DS and DSi)

Where should I buy r4 and r4 discs from?

You can no longer get them on the larger websites like Amazon and eBay.

Where can someone buy a R4 DS?

Someone can buy a R4 DS from the Deal Extreme website. The Deal Extreme website offers a large variety of R4 DS's that can be purchased for any DS system.

Where can one buy a Patagonia R4 jacket?

One can buy a Patagonia R4 jacket in a wide variety of places. A Patagonia R4 jacket can be bought at a local Patagonia store, or it can be bought at the official website.

How do you buy a r4?

Amazon or e-bay

Can you buy a r4 in the internet?

go to

What store can you buy an r4 for a ds?

If you are in Hong Kong, you can buy it in Mong Kok at some electronic store. EDIT: If you live in Europe, google R4 Mania