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1. Click 'Start' 2. Click 'Run' 3. Enter in 'cmd' in the text box 4. Type in the following: 5. Then you will get a buncha random letters and numbers 6. If you scroll down near the bottom, you see something like 'MS.XXXXXXXXXXX.MSI' (the X's will have numbers replaced) 7. Type in the series of numbers of what you see in the Cmd 8. All done now try redownloading it again

another solution:

Your problem is not about the file 'maplestory.msi".

Your problem is that you deleted maplestory through right click-delete and not from the control panel.

After you did it, you tryed to install maplestory again, and you got a massage that is saying "maplestory.msi is missing".

You might deleted the folder maplestory, but you didn't deleted the information that windows installer had about maplestory.

In order to delete this information, you will have to use "Windows Installer CleanUp Utility", you can find it in

After you will download 'Windows Installer CleanUp Utility', open it and, mark "maplestory.xx' and hit "remove".

Reboot your computer and now you will be able to install maplestory again.

Please give me a credit if you are going to use this guide- SizorAviram

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Q: Where can you download 'maplestory.msi'?
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