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Quote from Bulbapedia: Sootopolis can only be reached by diving through an underwater cavern or by Flying. Sootopolis is surrounded by Route 126. here is a link to the main article:

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Q: Where can you find the entrance to sottopolis island in Pokemon Sapphire?
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What island is the sapphire on in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The sapphire is on Six Island. You need a Pokemon to use cut on the dotted door of the cave.

How do you get a latios in Pokemon Sapphire not latias?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Latios can be found in Southern Island.

Is there a cinnabar island in Pokemon Sapphire?


How do you get to Lilycove in Pokemon Sapphire?

Surf to an island

Where is mirage island located In Pokemon sapphire?

i don't know ,but i heard you have to get a mirage island compatible Pokemon

How do you get to southern island in Pokemon Sapphire?

get an Eon ticket!!

Where is Cinnabar Island in Pokemon Sapphire?

there is no cinnabar island in sapphire. cinnabar is on firered and leafgreen. also in Pokemon yellow special pikachu edition ^_^ don't forget that dude...

What kind of Pokemon are on southern island?

in southern island there was latias and latios you will meet latias in Pokemon sapphire and latios in Pokemon ruby

How do you trade Pokemon leaf green and Pokemon sapphire whithout beating the Pokemon league?

fix the machine on island 1 find the ruby and the sapphire stones

How do you get to the first island on Pokemon sapphire?

I believe that that's not possible.

Where do you catch latios in Pokemon sapphire?

Southern Island but it is an event

Where do you get the sapphire on pokemon leafgreen?

rainbow island