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Go the Elephant Course (don't go down it) but instead go left and when you see a dead tree with no leaves (on the left right before the Deer Step and Owls Nest) its a secret course. go down that course and it will be on the left side.

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Q: Where do you find the 10th checkpoint for orienteering in we ski?
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Where is control point 2 when orienteering on Wii ski?

I have no Idea That is what I am wondering...

Where is control point 3 when orienteering on We Ski?

near the bear and the eagle runs

Where is the last control poi NT in Wii Ski?

The last orienteering guy is in the ice cave in bigfoot canyon. incase you didnt know, bigfoot canyon is a secret course that can be found if you go to the left of elephant stage. Behind ski lifts 5 and 6 is a bare tree. Go behindthat and youll find a hole in the fence. That is bigfoot canyon. To find the orienteering guy, go left when you get into the cave. There will be the Bill golden flash Stanley and Jim (orienteering guy 10)

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