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Q: Where do you get the first treasure map in rdr undead nightmare?
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Can you sell animal skins in red dead redemption undead nightmare?

Have you ever played undead nightmare before.... probably not because if you did you'd already know the answer to the question. Shops all around the RDR map are abandoned and you cannot buy or sell anything in RDR undead nightmare.

Do you get legends and killers map pack and liars and cheats map pack with red dead redemption undead nightmare game?


Where is seth and nigel on the map rdr undead nightmare?

nigel is at fort mercer and seth is in the old bachuss place

Where are Seth and Nigel west dickens on the red dead redemption undead nightmare map?

They are the green ? on your map. Seths' mission is called "get back in that hole partner".

When was Treasure Map created?

Treasure Map was created on 2007-07-20.

Where do you find the treasure map on Resident Evil 5?

There is no treasure map that you can find in Resident Evil 5

How do you get the treasure map in confederate island?

If you ment counterfeit when you said confederate, there IS NO treasure map there. There IS one on SKULLDUGGERY island

Is there a picture of Treasure Island map?

See the associated link for a picture of a map that was published in the first German-language version of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Stevenson was partially inspired when creating the story by a map that he and his stepson made together. The map below is believed to be a version of the original map that Stevenson and his stepson created.

Where to find undead warrior in aqw?

You can find the Undead Warrior class in the /shadowfall map, by accessing the shop and purchasing it for 2000 Adventure Coins.

What type of map is a treasure map?

A treasure map is a type of thematic map that shows the location of buried treasure or hidden artifacts. It typically includes features such as landmarks, compass directions, and cryptic clues to lead seekers to the treasure's location. It is a form of illustrative cartography intended to spark adventure and discovery.

Is the tresure where you start the game in red dead redemption?

If you mean the first treasure map, then that is at hanging rock

How do you dig up treasure on Sid Meir's pirates?

You simply find the treasure with the map and walk over to it. You can't access the treasure without the map even if you know where it may be.