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Go to Canter Downs, about middle top, there is an odd-looking plot of land. It is lighter then the other ones you find in North of North.

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Q: Where do you plant the magical bean at in Bella Sara Adventures?
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Is there a Bella sara adventures walkthrough?

yes there is.

How do you plant a crystal rose seed and spider lily on Bella Sara adventures?

u plant the spider lilies in a plot with near the spider webs

What are Bella Sara Horse cards?

Bella Sara cards are cards with magical horse on them. You can enter your codes on The codes are at the bottom of the card on the side with the horse on it. You have to create an account before you can enter your codes. Each time you enter a code you get horseshoes. Horseshoes are the money on Bella Sara. You can use horseshoes to buy cool stuff for your cottage. If you click on the magical horse icon you can see your horses and enter their stable. In their stable you can brush, feed, water, and clean their stall. In the world of Bella Sara you can also play games to earn horseshoes and play Bella Sara adventures.

Where is the lost puppy on Bella Sara adventures?

in the outskirts

How long does it take an apple to grow in Bella sara adventures?

One Bella sara day. (one sara Bella day is like only 5 minutes of earth day!)

Where do you find Bella Sara Adventures Bellas Ball?

at walmart

Where do you get the hay in Bella sara adventures?

its to the right of the brown bovo

Do you have any unused magical horse codes for Bella sara?

no an I need some.

What is Wing's favorite food on Bella Sara Adventures?

Pinwheel daises.

How do you befriend hob pixie in Bella sara adventures?

bring it food

Where do you get Cocoa in Bella Sara Adventures?

You have to go to the Posies and Plants shop on Bagatella Row and buy a Cocoa Seed, then plant it in dirt/soil and water it.

How do you move the boulder in Rose Valley on Bella sara adventures?

I don't think you can but if you want more magical horses I found a good video on utube called 'mega Bella sara codes! (over 200?)'