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Q: Where do you put in the activation code for wolfenstein 2009?
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Where do you put the activation code for swapit?

there is no place to put swapit codes

What are activation codes on neopets?

When you make an account they send an activation code to the email you put in so that you can confirm your account.

How do you put in your activation code on club penguin?

just go to your email

What is the activation code for Neopets?

Go to your email that you put for it when it asked you whats you email.

How do you put code in travian for cheat?

There are no cheat codes in Travian.If you mean the activation code then please follow the link:How_do_you_use_the_Travian_activation_code

What happens If your club penguin account said your account is not yet activated?

You have to go into the E-mail you put in and get the activation code!

What is the iprotect activation key?

you have to put the activation key for iprotect

In spore if you download creepy and cute parts how do you activate it?

Same thing for SPORE,You put in the activation code on the back of the instructions.

What is Angry Birds space activation key?

Many software's comes with a activation key. It's a advanced code to proof you bought the software and must in many cases be put in before you can use the program or game. You will often find this code/key whit your CD-case or by mail if ordered online.

What is the registration code for Lego universe?

Unfortunately, I don't know, but even if I give it to you, you wouldn't be able to because at the time you put the code in, it would say "The entered activation key has already been used", sorry...

How do you put maxcas cheat code on smackdown vs raw 2009 ps2?


What is your Neopets activation code?

Who knows...all I know is that they have to send the code to you by e-mail. I believe that each account has a special code. Once, I made a side account and forgot to check my e-mail.Then I remembered and then opened it up, but oh no! I was still logged in my main. But when I checked my side account, everything was all activated and set.