Where is Eduardo fusion lair?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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im can't get there but i lat time i checked it was behind a huge rock and the secret lair is at the orcin shore or what ever i guess radda radda

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Q: Where is Eduardo fusion lair?
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Where is dark paper ninja in fusion fall?

In peach creek estates thay spawn near fusion Eduardo's lair (Past)

Where is fusion eduardo's lair in fusion fall?

The lair is at Peach Creek Estates you fight these darkpaper ninjas and their warlord. While your fighting the warlord he runs into the lair which is hidden behind these big rocks if you can't see them then you must be blind.

How do you enter fusion Finn's lair on fusionfall?

how to enter finns lair on fusion fall

Where is Fusion Computress in Fusion Fall?

She is with Fusion Dexter in the Fusion Tunnel to Lab at Mandark's House and Galaxy Gardens. She is spinning around Fusion Dexter in his lair at Mandark's House and the first Fusion to defeat in Fusion Dexter's lair in Galaxy Gardens

Where is fusion number one lair at in fusion fall?

Crystalline Caverns; following the main path will take you there Steam Alley is his Secret Lair

Where is fuse's lair in fusion fall?

fuse is at the darklands

Where is fusion number two's lair?

You have to get a nano mission to get a numbuh 2 nano or get a mission that requires you to go to fusion numbuh 2's lair!

Where can you find fusion eduardo in fusion fall?

fosters home frankie is there and you can get the cheese nano there to.

How do I get to fusion Deedee's lair in fusion fall?

try every hack you can for accounts and try to hack dexter,bens,gwen,or kevins

Is fusion ben in fusion fall?

Yes.Fusion Ben is located in Fusionfall 3 times. ------------------------------------- Level 2:Alien X Nano-Petting Zoo-Begginers Training Level 24:No Nano-OffWorld Plaza-Secret Lair Level 23:Swampfire Nano-OffWorld Plaza-Fusion Lair

Where is fusion blossoms lair in fusion fall?

As of June 2011, the Past tutorial has been removed from the game, so Fusion Blossom has been moved to a new location. She is currently located at Pokey Oaks infected zone. There is also a higher level Fusion Blossom located at Mandark's Lair, in Genius Grove. It is unknown if this is a duplicate glitch or intended by the makers of FusionFall.

How do you get a Ben 10 jacket in fusion fall?

You can get the jacket from a Meteoric Guardian, Level 36, from Fuses Lair.