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The jewelry store on the RuneScape map looks like a red circle. The symbol is meant to look like a gem, but to some players, it may not look like one. It should be noted that gem shops are rarely in stock.

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Q: Where is a jewelry store on the Runescape map?
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Where can you get a chisel on RuneScape?

At a general store. The "Pot" icon on your mini map.

Where is the weapon store on RuneScape?

There's weapon stores in almost every town around Runescape, look for a Sword, Bow, or battleaxe icon on your mini-map.

Where is the crafting store in runescape?

There are crafting stores all over, mostly in cities. Look at the world map to find some.

Were is the blue moon inn on Runescape?

In Varrock, Just south of the general store. Look for the pub symbol on the mini-map.

Where is pikkupstix in RuneScape?

Pikkupstix the druid is in Taverly. If you look on the world map, his house is the one with the quest start and summonig store.

What store in RuneScape sells cannon balls?

No store in Runescape does such.

Where is the general store on RuneScape?

Most of the towns in runescape have a general store.

Where are the watering towers in RuneScape?

look on the runescape map and for the water sign

Where is the jewelry store in stick rpg 2?

there is no "store" where you buy jewelry but there is a jewelry flipper in the casino you can buy jewelry off :)

Where is the the river portel in RuneScape?

look at your map

What jewelry store names beginning with H?

Hurdle's Jewelry is a jewelry store in Boulder, Colorado.

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