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a guy will ask u if u can deliver Devon goods to captain stern..captain stern is found in the museum of slateport(specifically 2nd floor).

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Q: Where is captain stern before you beat the elite four in sapphire?
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Where is captain stern after you beat the elite 4?

after you beat the elite for the ferry is complete and captain stern is the captain of the ferry (i think check to find out)

Where is captain stern in sapphire?

you go into the aquarium place, and he will be there.

Were to find captain ster on sapphire?

Head to slateport city and go to the SS tidal captain stern will be nearby.

Where do you deliver Devon's goods in Pokemon Sapphire?

You deliver Devon's Goods to Captain Stern who is in Slateport City's museum.

Where is Captain Stern in Pokemon Ruby?

Captain Stern is on the top floor of the museum in Slateport City.

Where can you find the submarine Pokemon Sapphire?

Go back to Slateport town. Inside the ferry building, you will find captain stern and the submarine being robbed by Team Aqua.

What do you do before you talk to captn stern in slateport in Pokemon sapphire?

first, go to the shipyard. Captain stern isn't here though. Talk to the man that you first come across that seems to be staring at a piece of paper. He'll say that he is called Dock and then tell you that Captain stern is at the museum. Finally, you know where he is! Go to the museum at the east of town, then talk to the man on the second floor. He is Captain Stern. He'll take the goods,thank you,and arrange to leave.Before he can move,2 members of team aqua will come in and try to steal the goods.Battle them,and when you defeat them both,the aqua leader will come will come,give you a brief warning and leave. .

In Pokemon sapphire where is captain stern?

he will be at slatport city after you find the team magmas hideout having a interview

What do you have to do before you can find capt stern in Pokemon emerald?

Go to the shipyard, and talk to the guy standing by the table with a map on it. He will tell you Captain Stern isn't there. Leave the shipyard, and go into the museum. Go to the backroom, and talk to the scientist. He is Captain Stern. Team Aqua will come inside, and be prepared for two battles. After you beat them, you can give the parts to Capt. Stern. Hope this helps! :)

Where is captin stern when your at elite 4our?

At Staleport City

Where do you find capt stern in sapphire?

he's not in there! he's in slasport city his worker is in the abandoned ship and he asks you to find the generator or something i forgot then you have to find it and then you go talk to him and he will tell you to go to captain stern and then go to slaport city and then he will trade you for something. hope i helped :)

How can you put stern in a sentence?

The captain went to the stern of the ship to see if anyone was following them.