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It depends.Ask the scientist in Weather Forecast Lab.He is on the second floor.

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Q: Where is terra cave in Pokemon Emerald?
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On Pokemon Emerald how do you get a Groudon?

You can get a Groudon on Pokemon Emerald in Terra Cave.

Where to find Groudon kyogre in Pokemon emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald, Groundon and Kyogre are legendary Pokemon. You can find them in the Marine Cave and the Terra Cave.

What happens if theres a drought in Pokemon emerald after the elite 4?

If there is a Drought in a Route on Pokemon Emerald it means Terra Cave has appeared in that Route. Terra Cave is a randomly spawning cave that contains the legendary Pokemon Groudon. Terra Cave only appears after defeating the Elite Four.

Where is terror cave on Pokemon ruby?

It's Terra cave and can only be found in emerald

How do you get the scientist in Pokemon emerald to tell you about th terra cave?

beat the Pokemon league

Where does Groudon appear in Pokemon emerald?

in the terra cave near route 115

What do you do after you battle Groundon in Terra cave in Pokemon Emerald?

nothing, but if you catched it you can train it

What city is the terra cave in on Pokemon emerald?

ude terra cave is groudons cave its probly found near rustbro at least dats where i chaut groudon he is lv70

Where to find the legendary Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

Desert ruins, Ancient tomb, Island cave, Sky pillar, Cave of origin, Marine cave, Terra cave.

Where is the Terra Cave located on Pokemon Emerald?

the secret entrance to rusturf tunnel it is up on the mountain

How do you unlock Groudon in pokemon emerald?

first we have to complete the whole game and go tocave of origin 2

Can you get to the terra cave in Pokemon Sapphire?

No apparently... Terra Cave is exclusive to Emerald only~ You can, however, trade the Groudon from Terra Cave from Emerald and the traded Groudon might say something about "apparently met at Lv. 70 Terra Cave".