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Q: Where is the atom detector on your sims agents?
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What is the answer to the door in your Sims Agents?

In Little Lea Lake in My Sims Agents the answer to the door before thief v can get it is 50

Where is Michelle on your sims agents?

If you are talking about My Sims agents DS then she is in the east village and here house is opposite the Tailor's.

Where can you find the helicopter in sims agents?

My Sims Agents Questions-Where is the helicopter? the helicopter is at you head quarters and is on the very top floor

How do you get metal on the Sims 2 Castaway?

In the desert, with the metal detector.

How do you get an electrobit in My Sims Kingdom?

With the metal detector but they seem to be rare!

How do you fix the bike in My Sims agent?

how do you fix the bike in my sims agents

What is better my sims agents on Wii or ds?

I find My Sims Agents wii is better, but it doesn't take very long to beat.

How do you get Sapphire on my sims?

you pull weeds or use your metal detector on candypalooza

Where is Nikki on your Sims Agents?

I haven't seen her on mysims agents at all. Sorry

On my sims agents how do you get in the sewer?

you have to get that sewing job.

What is the door combination sims agents?


Who vandalized the chalet in your sims agents?