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It's in the Snow Realm, just before the lopsided figure of eight on the East side of the map. It's added to the Rail Map as soon as you restore the tracks at the Snow Sanctuary, so it's hard to miss.

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If you go to the snow realm right next to the border of the snowy grass plains and the antarctic region there is a little station that is wellspring.

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Q: Where is wellspring in Zelda spirit tracks?
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In the Legend of Zelda spirit tracks where do you take the Anouki Villiger?

Pretty sure its wellspring station

In Zelda spirit tracks what do you do at wellspring station?

At wellspring station you can get a stamp, learn some stuff about the train and purchase some mega ice after you have transported an anouki there

How do you get the mega ice in Legend of Zelda spirit tracks?

You have to take Noko to the Wellspring Station when he asks you to, where he'll make it and you can buy it from him.

Where is well spring on spirit tracks?

Wellspring Station XD

What is the path to get out of the blizzard in Zelda spirit tracks?

you go to wellspring station and the L right next to it doge the train and go all around and there will be a guy stop and he will show you

Where is the hellicopter in Zelda spirit tracks?

There is no helicopter in the Spirit Tracks

What is the ending of Zelda spirit tracks?

The end part on the Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks show Anjean, Zelda and your account talking. Then, Anjean rises and disapears. I think Anjean says that Zelda and you were too late.The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks...

Walk through of Zelda Spirit Tracks?

go to and search up walkthrough of Zelda spirit tracks

Can you play Zelda spirit tracks on your compurter?

Spirit Tracks is exclusive to the DS.

Is The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks a real game?

Yes, it is. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the next Zelda game that is going to be released for the Nintendo DS.

What will be the next Zelda?

Spirit Tracks.

Is there a maximum amount of rupees you can have in Zelda spirit tracks?

The maximum amount of Rupees you can get in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is 9,999 Rupees.