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South of the border, in Nuevo Paraiso.

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Q: Where to find prickly pears in red dead redemption?
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Where can you get prickly pears on horse isle 2?

You can find Prickly Pears on Yellow, Golden, Arid, Amber, and Desert Isles by picking Prickly Pear Cactus.Try checking out "Esroh Legends" for Horse Isle 2 help. They have solutions there. Hope this helps!

Where can you find the mythical unicorn in red dead redemption?

in mexico

How do you download download able content on to red dead redemption?

You need to go to Game Marketplace. Find Red Dead Redemption. Then there should be a DLC list.

Where do you find weapons in free roam on red dead redemption?

You find them all around the map

Where do you find a retcher on red dead redemption undead nightmare?

Gaptooth ridge

Where do you find bait on red dead redemption undead nightmare?

at fort mercer

What website can you find videos for red dead redemption gates of presidio?


At what rank do you get a sniper in red dead redemption?

ha you the game and find out

Where is the donkey lady in red dead redemption?

She comes by randomly, there is no certain place you can find her.

What famous crops are grown in Italy?

the many crops grown in Italy are grapes lemons olives and prickly pears where you find almost anywhere

Where to find the most hooded wagons in red dead redemption?

i find most hooded wagons in gaptooth ridge

Why all the maps in red dead redemption?

if you are talking about treasure maps, they are used to find treasure...