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Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero Metallica

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You can play every guitar hero game with guitar or controller

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Q: Which Guitar hero's need to have the guitar controller?
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Do you need guitar for Guitar Hero?

no, you can use a controller.

Do you need a guitar to play Guitar Hero Metallica on Xbox 360 or just a controller?

you need a guitar to play ALL guitar hero games.

What do you need for guitar hero to work on your xbox 360?

you need a controller (Guitar controller or xbox controller) and i think you need a little receiver (or is it not needed?) and the game, and a tv

Do you need to have a guitar on Guitar Hero?

No, you could use your game controller. But, it would be more fun and of an experience if you had a guitar for Guitar Hero.

Do you need a guitar to play Guitar Hero 2?

No you can play it with a controller,too

What batteries does Guitar Hero need?

The guitar controller uses AA batteries.

Can you play Guitar Hero without the guitar wii?

For wii you don't need the guitar, you can just use the controller.

Do you need a different controller for each Guitar Hero game?

no. i have guitar hero world tour but my guitar is decorated for guitar hero aerosmith.

Do you need a guitar for Guitar Hero 2?

If you already have a guitar from Guitar hero you do not need to buy a different one. The game doesn't require a guitar controller but it does make things more fun with it.

Can you play guitar hero 5 on the ps2 with a normanl controller?

Yes, if you want to sing. And if you have a microphone.You need a guitar controller to play the guitar parts though. No band game (GH:WT or later or RB) will allow you to play guitar using the regular controller.

Where do you put the mic in Guitar Hero for wii?

The Guitar Hero Mic for Wii is more of a controller itself. You need to sync it with your Wii as if it was a controller.

Do you need batteries for Guitar Hero wii?

yes they go in your wii remote to plug into the guitar controller (you need AA)