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the most strongest biometal is Mega Man OX

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Q: Which biometal from Megaman zx is the strongest?
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In Megaman zx can you still get omega zero biometal if you dont have Megaman zero 3 and 4 game packs?

A:Yes you only need megaman zero 3 and 4 to fight the bosses from zero. Omega can be fought at any time once you can get to area n, once you beat him get the rock from the room beyond the boss rooms, but you have to be on normal or hard mode to find the rock once you beat biometal w you bring the rock to flueve in area x lab and he turns it into biometal O.

What is the next megaman game after megaman zx advent?

MegaMan Zx is its own mini series under the megaman franchise. So MegaMan Zx Advent is the conclusion of the mini series. But if i had to take a guess at the chronological order, I'd say that would be the farthest ahead in the timeline.

Where to buy megaman zx?

You Can Buy Megaman ZX For Nintendo DS On

How many model are there in megaman ZX and what are they?

there are models H,F,P,Z,X,L and the secret model O which can be unlocked if you have a copy of megaman zero 3 or 4. Including the Model W and Model A from ZX advent there are so far in the series there are 9 seven of which are in megaman ZX.

Do you have Megaman zx advent have all medals code?

i dont

When was the Megaman ZX DS game first released?

The Megaman ZX DS game has been very succesful in many different versions of the game and was made by Capcom. The first was released on July 12th 2007.

NDS cheat file for Megaman zx advent?

Cheaters never win.

Who is Megaman?

Megaman was a robot designed by Dr. Light to help out as his lab assistant. Called Rock, he became Rockman (in Japan, Megaman in the U.S.) when Dr. Wily created eight robots of his own and tried to take over the world with them, forcing Megaman to step in and stop him. Dr. Light also made Protoman, Megaman's brother, and Roll, his sister. Megaman has several incarnations such as Megaman Battlenetwork, where Megaman is a NetNavigator created by Dr. Hikari in an alternate universe where instead of robots, the Internet became prevalent. Megaman Zero worked along side Megaman X, they both share the same story line about reploids trying to take over the world and destroy humans. Megaman ZX is about a hundred years after Megaman Zero and X, which in turn were about a hundred years after the original Megaman. It's about the reploids who fought with Megaman Zero and X whose bodies turned to biometals, and the person who uses the biometal will have the power of that warrior. Megaman Starforce is a new series about a kid geo stelar who combines with the fmian omexis and becomes Megaman. They are coming out with Megaman ZX Advent and Megaman Starforce 2 Thunder Berserker, Green Shinobi, and Fire Dinosaur; the game has awesome graphics and a new twist. If you want to see it go to the link below. Megaman Legends depicts Megaman as a sort of treasure hunter for power sources who gets caught up in an interplanetary plot to destroy the Earth. Be warned: the link is in Japanese.

When did BioMetal - video game - happen?

BioMetal - video game - happened in 1993.

How many megaman series are there?

When it comes to games, there is the original Megaman series, the Megaman X series, Megaman Zero series, Megaman ZX series, Megaman Legends, Megaman Battlenetwork, and Megaman Starforce. He has also appeared in various Capcom fighter games. When it comes to TV series, there is Megaman.EXE, Axess, Stream, Beast, and Beast+ as well as a full-length feature film from the Stream storyline.

When was BioMetal - video game - created?

BioMetal - video game - was created on 1993-03-13.

Can you play as Prometheus on Megaman zx advent?

No, you can't play as Prometheus or Pandora. You do get to fight them, though, after Argoyle & Ugoyle and Hedgeshock.