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That's a matter of opinion. I personally would go for Capcom VS SNK solly because I like Street Fighter & King of Fighters. However if you're more into the classic Street Fighter action, go for the Anniversary.

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Q: Which street fighter game should you buy street fighter anniversary or capcom vs snk?
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Who designed street fighter?


What street fighter games are there?

Street Fighter IStreet Fighter II - World WarriorStreet Fighter II - Champion EditionStreet Figher II - Turbo Hyper FightingSuper Street Fighter II - The New ChallengersSuper Street Fighter II TurboHyper Street Fighter IIStreet Figter AlphaStreet Fighter Alpha 2Street Fighter Alpha 3Street Fighter EXStreet Fighter EX PlusStreet Fighter EX Plus αStreet Fighter III - New GenerationStreet Fighter III 2nd Impact - Giant StrikeStreet Fighter III 3rd Strike - Fight for the FutureStreet Fighter IVSuper Street Fighter IVX-Men vs. Street Fighter (Japan)Marvel Super Hereos vs. Street Fighter (Japan)Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of Super HeroesMarvel vs. Capcom 2 - New Age of HeroesMarvel vs. Capcom 3 - Fate of Two WorldsSNK vs. Capcom - The Match of the MilleniumSNK vs. Capcom - Card Fighters ClashSNK vs. Capcom - Card Fighter 2 Expand EditionSNK vs. Capcom - SVC ChaosSNK vs. Capcom - Card Fighters DSTatsunoku vs. Capcom - Ulitmate All-StarsAnd soonStreet Fighter X TekkenTekken X Street Fighter

When did Street Fighter Anniversary Collection happen?

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection happened in 2004.

Will capcom make street fighter 4?

yes yes.By:cooln

When was Street Fighter Anniversary Collection created?

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection was created on 2004-08-31.

Who is sakura's classmate street fighter udon?

Sakura's classmates in the UDON Street Fighter Legendsseries are Karin & Hinata. (Hinata's from Rival Schools, not in Street Fighter. Karin appears only in Capcom Fighting Evolution and the Street Fighter Alpha series.)

Which company owns capcom?

Capcom is a Japanese video game company that was established in June 1983. They have created games such as Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Dead Rising.

Guile is a character from what classic video game franchise?

The Street Fighter series of games by Capcom feature the character of Guile. This character first made his appearance in the 1991 game Street Fighter II.

Can you download evil ryu on street fighter 4?

No he is not. Evil Ryu is only present in Street Fighter Alpha 2,3, and Capcom vs SNK 1 and 2

Where might one find information about the video game character Chun Li?

The character Chun-Li, is from the Street Fighter video game series. To find more information about the character, one should visit the official site of the maker, Capcom, or visit Street Fighter fan sites.

I used to play a version of street fighter that was in a good quality but not as high as street fighter 4 What version of street fighter contained go hibiki and evil ryu?

Evil Ryu showed up in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but the first time I saw Go Hibiki was ACTUALLY Capcom VS SNK 2! It's probably one of those two. I suggest you do some investigating.

Does street fighter anniversary collection on Xbox work on Xbox 360?

yes but it is bad for your xbox 360