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Q: Why are you scared haunted train engineer of hey arnold?
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When was The Haunted Wagon Train created?

The Haunted Wagon Train was created in 2007.

What do you call a driver for amtrak?

Engineer operates the engine of a train. (the driver) Conductor is the Boss of the train.

What do you call train drivers?

A railroad engineer, locomotive engineer, train operator or engine driver

What do you call a train drivers in India?

A railroad engineer, locomotive engineer, train operator or engine driver

What is a train engineer?

i think a train engineer is someone who works with trains. you know, designing, fixing etc.

What do you call the guy who runs the train?

The engineer runs the train.

Do you have to train to be a petroleum engineer?


What is the name for he who drives train?


What is the driver of a train called?


What do you call a person who drives a railroad train?

He is called the Engineer, or Locomotive Engineer.

Evaluating the Occupation of Train Engineer?

There are many jobs that contribute to the successful operations of a train. A train engineer plays a very important role in getting a train to its destination. Someone who is considering a job as a train engineer may want to know some of the duties and responsibilities involved in the work. The following looks at the work of a train engineer. To put it simply, a train engineer is in charge of operating/driving a train. Train engineers operate both passenger and freight trains. There are specialties within the occupation of train engineer. For example, a rail yard engineer is responsible for moving the trains that are waiting in a rail yard. Alternatively, the work of a locomotive engineer involves taking a train from one station to the next. The work of driving a train is the same for both these specialties, but the environment is different. No matter where he or she operates a train, a train engineer is responsible for moving a train in a safe, efficient manner. The work hours of an engineer depend upon where he or she works and the travel schedule of the train that is being operated. The educational requirements of a train engineer include a high school diploma. Prospective train engineers participate in company-organized training programs. After they successfully complete the training, the engineers stand a good chance of being hired by the company. A train engineer learns a lot of practical lessons on the job. The job of train engineer carries a lot of responsibility with it. Ultimately, the train engineer is responsible for the passengers and/or the freight that he or she is hauling. A person with a calm demeanor, sharp decision making skills, and the ability to focus for long periods of time would be an excellent candidate for a job as a train engineer. There are several work options for someone who wants to take a look at other train-related occupations. Some examples are train conductors, yard masters, baggage handlers, and ticket agents. In short, a person who wants to work in a vocation that involves trains has plenty of options.

Captain is to ship as what is to train?

engineer or locomotive engineer (US, Canada, New Zealand) engine driver, train driver, locomotive driver, or train operator (UK, Australia, and South Africa )