Why do the methods of killing a vampire work?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Part of killing a vampire is catching it unaware, so spy on it to find out an average of the time that it goes to sleep, and then attack whilst it's asleep... etc.
Why would you want to kill us? :C
Go kill the ones that randomly svck blood. As whoever it was said above, catch one whilst they're asleep and you've then got about a 75-80% chance of killing it.

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Q: Why do the methods of killing a vampire work?
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How is a Crusnik Vampire Killed?

A Crusnik vampire can be killed by destroying its heart or severing its head from its body. Other traditional methods of killing vampires, such as sunlight or a wooden stake through the heart, may also be effective against Crusnik vampires.

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Do people die when they are killed?

Yes. When a body can no longer function, it ceases to work and you die. Unless you are a vampire.

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No, silver does not kill vampires. In vampire folklore, traditional methods of killing vampires typically involve a wooden stake through the heart, decapitation, or exposure to sunlight. Silver is more commonly associated with werewolves in mythology.

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