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It's probably something wrong with your browser, or a setting you may have accidentally made.

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Q: Why does ROBLOX Wiki pop up in my internet when I play ROBLOX?
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How do you get to your inventory on Roblox?

when logged onto roblox, simply click My Roblox, once you have clicked My Roblox, another bar should pop up under that one, click My Stuff, then your inventory will pop up

Is roblox gay?

Becuze there are faces on Roblox such as prideful smile and stuff that roblox made and there are a pop ton of lgbt hangouts

Why can't install Roblox?

Try turning off your pop up blocker and making an exception in your firewall or ROBLOX could have a problem with the server.

How do you play someone like you on the clarinet?

I play the clarinet for classical music, and I'm not a fan of pop music though. BUT you can search for sheet music on the internet if you like.

How do you put a picture on a t shirt on Roblox?

go to roblox go to stuff and put create then something will pop up and will take you to your files and thats how you do it :)

Why do you have to install roblox?

Your computer might not be right for roblox so the computer is blocking it, so your computer doesn't get slow. Try turning off your pop up blocker and making an exception in your firewall

What is an Internet POP-UP?

Advertisements that "pop-up" when you enter on a website

How do you change your level to day or night roblox?

In Roblox Studio, there is a little clock button on the top bar. Click it, and a gui will pop up. You cat adjust the time with the slider.

Are OneRepublic pop?

Yes they are! The band has a number of pop songs that are on the internet for you to enjoy!

How do you change the settings of the Pop-up blocker in Internet explorer?

Open Internet Explorer, click tools, and point to POP-Up Blocker. Click POP-Up Blocker Settings.

Why is roblox called roblox?

'Blox' is pronounced "blocks", and refers to the block style of the game. 'Ro" as in Robots because your character is a robot or it has been attached to the beginning for style and uniqueness, otherwise it wouldn't have been much of a name.

How do you solve popup problems in internet explorer?

Open Internet Explorer. Then click Tools>>Pop up blocker>> Turn on pop blocker