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Not for Call of Duty

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Q: Will there be a new call of duty for psp or Medal of Honor?
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Does the new medal of honor and call of duty modern warfare 2 have the same controls?


Can you list M games for an 11 year old?

Medal of honor,call of duty,modern warfare,halo and brothers in arms most if the old game and some new games.

What is the new Medal of Honor rated?

All Medal of Honor games are M15

Will there be a second medal of honor game?

If you meant the series as a whole, there are many other Medal of Honor games such as Allied Assault or Pacific Assault. If you meant the newest Medal of Honor game, there is no sequel as of October 2011, but there is rumor that a new Medal of Honor game is in production.

What 1941 NFL Player won the Medal of Honor?

Jack Lummus of the New York Giants won the Medal of Honor and was killed at Iwo Jima.

Fallout New Vegas Medal of Honor or Assassin's Creed Brotherhood?

id say brotherhood or Vegas because gameinformer gave medal of honor a 7

Where was the Medal of Honor created?

The Medal of Honor was authorized by the US Congress in 1862, during the US Civil War. It was created (fabricated) by a New York City jeweler.

What is Call of Duty advanced warfare?

the most new game in Call of Duty it is most exiting but the sniper shooting is the the best of all of call of duty.

Does medal of honor heroes have zombies mode?

no i wish it did but thats a new thing

What is the title of the new call of duty?

it is called call of duty black ops.

What's the name of the new Call of Duty?

it is called Call of Duty Black Ops.

What will be the new Call of Duty?

yes of course there's call of duty 4 at least, i have it