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No, it is not pay to play. The only cost is the one-time price to buy the game.

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No, Diablo 3 has no subscription fee. It's free to play unless you use the RMAH.

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No, of course not

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Q: Will you have to pay to play diablo 3?
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Do you need a pay card for diablo 3 local?

You just need to buy the game. There is no online fee. It is free to play. Diablo 3 is free to play. There are no monthly fees unless you decide to use the RMAH.

Diablo 3 free to play?

After you buy it from a store, it is free to play after that.

Will Diablo 3 be a pay to play game like World of Warcraft?

No, you just buy it like the other ones and you can play online for free but internet charges still count

Is diablo in diablo 3?

Yes, Diablo is in Diablo 3.

Can Diablo 3 play on low end computers?

Probably not.

Does anyone play diablo 2 lord of destruction?

Yes, of course people play Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. And most people probably will until the release of Diablo 3. And even then, people probably might still play it from time to time.

Is diablo 3 a mmorpg?

No. There is limited multiplay with up to 3 other people. It is free to play on

Does diablo 3 need wifi?

Diablo 3 needs a constant internet connection if you want to play it, so yes it does need WiFi if that is what you use to connect to the internet. Hope this helps.

How much do you have to pay for diablo 2?

It costs $9.99 from the Diablo 3 official website. I bet you can find it even cheaper from other places as it's pretty old now.

Can you play diablo 2 without diablo 1?

yeah man diablo 2 is a totally different game than diablo 1

Should I get Starcraft warcraft 3 or diablo 1 or 2?

You should get diablo 2 and 3, i can help you anytime when you start just send me a msg Yours Rixoz I play in Europe and my name is Rixoz

Is there a diablo 3 movie?

No. There are Diablo 3 teaser videos on the Blizzard website.