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buy a PS3

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Q: Your xbox wireless mic will not sync to your controller what do you do?
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Can you use a guitar hero mic for Xbox Live gaming like halo?

No, you have to have the headset that plugs into controller or the wireless one you can purchase...

Where do you put the mic in Guitar Hero for wii?

The Guitar Hero Mic for Wii is more of a controller itself. You need to sync it with your Wii as if it was a controller.

Where to plug in the mic on halo reach?

Halo: Reach is a game to be played on a console and therefore does not have it's own place to plug in a microphone. But, to use a mic on Halo:Reach Multiplayer Matchmaking (aka online) you just need to have the mic plugged in to your controller. If the mic is wireless just have it synced to the Xbox.

Does Xbox 360 mic work on Xbox 360 slim?

It depends on the controller, yes you can because the format of the xbox 360 slim is the same as the original xbox 360 controller

How do you synchronize the guitar for Guitar Hero?

just like a controller there should be a tiny sync button where you plug in your mic press it then press the button on your system and it should sync

Will the rock band ps2 wireless guitar work on the rock band 2 xbox 360?

no they wont cause the ps3 controller doesnt have the 360 button on it nothing will work except prolly the mic

Why does your xbox 360 wireless mic not work?

Because Microsoft can barely make anything work.

How do you join vocals on guitar hero world tour?

Xbox360: Plug the mic into one of the USB ports in the xbox and turn on a controller. Use this controller to join, pick your rocker etc. and then just use the mic to sing.

If your microphone is broken on your Xbox live headset how do you fix it?

You probably will have to call customer service.

How do you use an Xbox wireless mic from a distance?

The Xbox Wireless Headset has a wireless range of 30 feet, which means, if it is turned on, you can go anywhere within 3 feet of the console and use still be able to use it. All you need to do is talk normally like you would with any other mic. Once you get outside of that 30 foot range however, the mic will stop working until it comes in range with the console once again.

Do you have to charge your wireless head set to set it upon the xbox 360?

some mic you have to some you don't . mostly you don't

Do you have to have a controller to use the mic on guitar hero wii?

yes you need to have a controller to be able to use the mic. (you can use the mic on guitar hero 4 and upwards)