Can a basketball sink under water?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Basketballs are filled with air, and won't sink w/o some serious help.

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Q: Can a basketball sink under water?
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Does potassium sink under water?

yes it will sink under water because it is denser than water.

Will a basketball sink or float in water?

A basketball will float in water because its average density is less than that of water. The air-filled spaces within a basketball make it buoyant enough to stay afloat on the surface of the water.

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How do Crocodiles sink and stay under water?

Crocodiles close there valve to stay under water.

What does to sink under water mean?

it means to drown

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Valves under the sink NO WORK HUH?

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Why do some liquids sink under water?

Some liquids are denser than water, causing them to sink. This is because they have more mass per unit volume than water, so they displace less water and sink to the bottom.

Will polonium sink under water?

Yes, because polonium is denser than water.

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Kinetico does make compact water softeners that will fit under the sink. Here is the website for further infomation:

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