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Q: When inground pool is running on filter is the drain open or closed?
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Where should the setting be on a drain valve for an inground pool?

Hmmm, do you possibly mean the back wash valve on the filter? This valve has many positions to choose from especially for sand filters. Filter, back wash, drain, drain to waste, filter bypass, closed. They are pretty much self explanatory. Normal position would be the "filter" position while the pump is running and the filter is working. Ken

Pool not running for 2 years inground do you drain or is that bad?

Vacuum the pool. If you have to drain it, only drain it half way. Floating pools are a disaster.

Should main drain be closed or open when pool is running?


How do you change the oil on a motorcycle?

Should have a drain plug either at bottom of engine or at lower end of oil reservoir

How does oil filter contains a check valve works?

The bypass valve in an oil filter allows the oil to bypass the filter if the filter becomes clogged. Some filters also have an anti-drain back valve when the filter is mounted in such a way as the oil could drain out of the filter. This valve prevents the oil from running back into the engine out of the filter which would cause the engine to be started with an empty filter every time.

Do you change the oil filter first or drain the oil first?

Drain then change the filter.

How do use a multi valve pool filter?

Need more specific info A multi valve pool filter is a common configuration of valve and filter for a swimming pool system. The piping into and out of the filter is attached to a multivale. A multivalve has has several positions. One type of multi valve has six positions: backwash, waste, filter, closed, rinse and recirculate. (These valve positions are used on a DE filter. A sand filter may be different.) Use the filter setting in the nromal operation of your pool. This setting receives water from the pump and directs it to the dirty side of the filter media and then receives weater from the clean side and directs it to the pool. Use the Backwash setting to flush the DE from the filter and to a drain. Use the waste setting to flush water directly from the pump to the drain. The closed position is, well, closed. Rinse? Recirculate?

Is it wrong to drain your plaster pool when the temperature is above 100?

Why would you drain your pool just becasue the water is hot? Never drain your inground pool unless you have first cut holes in the bottom of the pool to keep it from floating. If the water table in your area is high enough, your inground pool could "float" out of the ground, effectively ruining your pool.

When your pump is on it sends water out the drain in your back yardno matter if you have the main drain valve closed or open How do you fix this problem?

Is this a sand filter? How many valves control the flow of water? It appears the b/w valve is defective.

Where is the oil filter and oil drain plug on a 1996 2 wheel drive S-10 pick-up with a V-6?

Normaly the drain plug is at the rear of the oil pan on the passenger side. The oil filter should be opposite the drain plug, just forward and above the exhaust pipe running across. If you have an oil filter bypass the filter will be located behind the driver side headlight in the engine bay above the fender skirt.

my kenmore ultra soft with deluxe valve.the water keeps running out of the drain tube?

Just Replacement filter Soft-Touch Adjustment Pads

Where is the oil filter and drain plug on a ttr125 Yamaha?

There is no oil filter.. The drain plug is on the left side of the bike.