When was the first swimsuit worn?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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the first bathing suit was invented by a variety of people

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In ancient Rome they had bikinis. I was visiting an ancient Roman villa in Sicily and in the mosaics on the floors were the figures of young women wearing what looked like a bikini.

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Q: When was the first swimsuit worn?
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What type of uniform is worn in swimming?

an swimsuit

Does Maryland have a swimwear return policy?

Most stores will not allow a swimsuit to be returned after it is worn. They are not allowed to resold swimsuits after they have been worn.

What is the syllables of swimsuit?

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What is an item of clothing worn on the beach or sea starting with the letters c or s?

swimsuit or cap (swimming)

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First you go to Swimming pool. You will see a locker on you right (its a brown door) then go in. You will see a swimsuit on your left side.

Is the word swim suit written as one word or two?

Yes, the word 'swimsuit' is a noun, a garment designed to wear when swimming; a word for a thing.The noun 'swimsuit' is a singular, common, concrete, compound noun.

What part speech is swimsuit?

Swimsuit is a noun.

When did Jessica White first appear in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue?


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By having a confederate rebel flag design on your swimsuit.

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