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Only One no more. It's a break barrel rifle you only have to cock it once for each shot.

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Q: How many pumps do you use on a daisy 1000x air rifle?
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How many pumps will it take for a daisy model 35 to shoot 625 ft per sec?

The Daisy manual says to never pump the rifle more than 10 times. See the link below.

How many pumps can a daisy powerline 880 take?

Never pump it more than 10 times, according to Daisy

How many fps is a daisy model 120 break bearrel?

The Daisy model 120 air rifle shoots at 500.fps.

How many times do you pump a ben Franklin 312 22 cal pellet rifle?

Never more than 10 pumps. I only use 8 pumps to be safe. More than 10 will damage the rifle over time.

What site could you purchase a vintage daisy rifle?

Many estate and auction sites are out there. You have to check them periodically

How do you tell age of daisy air rifle?

To start with which model of Daisy are you talking about. Daisy has been making various model air rifles for over 100 years. Too many to list here. I suggest you ask this question to Daisy Directly. See the link below.

What year did Sear and Roebuck manufacture the Ted Williams 799 190720 air rifle and how many were made?

This is a Daisy model 880, 1972-1989 Pump. Unknown how many were made. But they were mass produced. The new "Daisy 880" started again in 1990

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