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Depends on the weight of the watch and weahter it's solid gold or rolled/filled gold.

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Q: How much gold in14k gold bulova accutron watch?
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How much gold is in a old bulova accutron filled case?

Gold filled cases are not worth much, they are plated and to difficult to separate gold from other metals. I have an 18kt solid gold accutron and the case and back stripped of all other parts is 19.2 grams

Where could someone find a Bulova gold watch?

There are many places where one could find a Bulova gold watch. One could find a Bulova gold watch at popular on the web sources such as Belk and Etsy.

Are bulova watches sport watches or dress watches?

Depends on what type of case and what type of dial. A Bulova Accutron was the most accurate watch available in it time (1960-1975). It was the gift of state when Lyndon Johnson was President. Some cases are stainless steel, some are 14K solid gold; some are 18K solid gold. I've even heard of ones made of solid white gold as well as ones made from platinum. Other less expensive ones are 14K gold filled (just gold plated), but use the same internal movements, dials, watch hands and other parts. There are several different variations to the type of watch lugs and case styles. The Accutron Pulsation model was a doctor's watch. It was used in the Model 214 and 218 models. The only real difference that and any other Accutron was the material the watch was made from and the type of dial. There are many people who who endeavor to pass off an Accutron Pulsation model (doctor's watch) with or without realizing it is a counterfeit model. Best bet is to have a qualified jeweler appraise it for authenticity if its a "Pulsation" model. Gold scratches easily so I would say any watch that is real gold shouldn't be worn playing sports and shouldn't be worn while working on one's car or truck. I've seen a couple of web pages devoted to identifying a genuine "Pulsation" model from a counterfeit. However, I don't have a quick reference to them at this time; just "google it"

What is the most distuisguishing feature of Bulova 97C23 Men's Pocket Watch that makes it unique from all other pocket watches?

This Bulova pocket watch is unique in that it comes with an attached pocket knife. The gold watch with cream colored dial is a unique combination too.

What is gold value of Bulova Dior watch that is 14 Kt Total gram weight 31.3 Would it be worth anything to scrap it for the gold as it can't be repaired Appraisal in 1996 was 2100?

I have one. Lady size Bulova, Dior Collection, from 1970's. It is above US 1900.00.

Old bulova watch 23 jewels c974900 L8 on it. whats the value?

One of the best lady's watches bulova made, 23 jewels, l8 means it was made in 1958, usually the case is 10k rolled gold plate and has diamond accents, if the watch is working and the case in decent condition and has a band it's worth $100 to $150

Academy Awards ladies Bulova Watch 1950's?

In 1949 Bulova began a 4 year contract as the supporter of the televised Academy Awards. To commemorate this relationship the began production of the Academy Award watch. The relationship only lasted 1 year and the Academy sued Bulova and forced them to stop production of the watch using such terms as "Academy Awards", "award winning design". By 1952 production had ceased. Many sellers will try and pass of a simple period bulova as an original "Academy Award Watch". Be careful as they may have located a case and just put a period watch in the box. The originals are 21J, 14K gold and have a distinctive ribbed design on the face. The case should be marke L0, L1 or L2 only. Hope this helps.

Who knows about bullova pocket watches?

I'm only aware that Bulova currently manufactures one pocket watch, model 97C24. It is gold-plated with a quartz movement and retails for $275.00 USD. Older, vintage Bulova Pocket watches were considered pretty utilitarian and are usually not all that valuable, but are fun to collect if you find one in working condition.

What is the quality of Bulova watches?

If one look at the reviews on internet Bulova watches are of good quality. The price range vary from $50 to $1.000, depending on the gold content. So the quality is good, but not excellent.

What is the difference between a gold watch and a golden watch?

A "gold watch" refers to a watch that is made of gold, while a "golden watch" typically refers to a watch that has a color or appearance resembling gold but is not necessarily made of the precious metal. A gold watch is valuable due to its material, while a golden watch is more about the color or aesthetic.

Are bulova watches real gold?

If the case is marked as karat gold, yes. That would be 10K, 14K, 18K. There may be some marked 9K. Most are not solid gold. They are marked RGP, (rolled gold plate), or 1/20th 14k which is one quality of gold fill.

How much money can you get for a gold watch?

At the very least, the value of the watch's gold density.