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Annie Oakley influenced many women that they could do just about anything just as well as men can.

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Q: What were some interesting influences that Annie oakley did to the community?
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What was Annie Oakley's influences?

frank,butler and the press

What are interesting facts about annie oakley?

*Her real name is Pheobe Anne *Died of pernicious Anemis

How many brother's did Annie Oakley have?

Annie Oakley had 4 brothers

What did Annie oakley do for living?

Annie Oakley loved to shoot guns

Did Annie oakley get an education?

No Annie Oakley did not have any form of education.

What are the release dates for Annie Oakley - 1954 Alias Annie Oakley 2-1?

Annie Oakley - 1954 Alias Annie Oakley 2-1 was released on: USA: 10 July 1954

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Who Annie Oakley named after?

Annie Oakley married June 20 1882

When was Annie Oakley House created?

Annie Oakley House was created in 1913.

What can you learn from Annie Oakley?

Annie Oakley was kind, confident, determined, natural, and a leader.

Is Annie Oakley a noun?

Annie Oakley is a noun, but it is more specifically a proper noun.

Where is Annie Oakley house?

Annie Oakley's house is located in Ca,bridge, Maryland.