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Q: What years were the herters 22 revolver made?
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Where can you find parts for a Herters 22 revolver?

Herter's imported revolvers made by Sauer & Sohn in West Germany. Try for parts.

How much is a herters single action 22 long rifle pistol worth six shot revolver?


What is a 22 herters hand gun made in Germany?


What is your kimel 22 revolver worth and what years were they made?

No published data.

What years was the imperial 22 short revolver made?

Unaware of any published data.

What is a Herters 22 revolver worth?

Herters was an importer headquartered in Minnesota from the early 1960's to 1979. The guns they imported were of good quality but strictly valued as shooters. I'd suggest you check one of the chain sporting goods stores like Dicks or Garts or Gander Mountain for the cheapest NEW .22 revolver and figure yours is worth about 2/3 as much if it is like new, 1/2 if worn but functional or nothing if it's rusted and broken.

What is the value of a 55 year old 22 revolver?

That 22 revolver is IJ targeted sealed made in Pittsburg, Ms.

What is a Herters and Waseca 22 Pistol Worth?

5-50 usd

What year was .22 caliber revolver made?

Impossible to answer without knowing who made it.

What is a rohm gmbh 22?

Small, inexpensive 22 LR revolver made in Germany.

What bullets does a 22 revolver take?

A .22 revolver takes CARTRIDGES. Which .22 cartridge will depend on what caliber the revolver was made for. A .22 LR can shoot Long Rifle or Short cartridges, and a .22 WMR uses .22 magnum cartridges. They do not interchange. There are a few .22 revolvers that have 2 cylinders, and can shoot either cartridge.

Who made the first 22 caliber revolver and pistol?