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black powder is usually measured by volume, 180 is more powerful, the higher the number the more powder there is and thus the more potential energy stored.

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Q: Which is more powerful 150 grains of powder or 180 grains of powder?
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What is the max amount of black powder you can use in a American knight 50 caliber muzzle loader?

Most .50 Caliber rifles ,[ in good condition] can handle 100 grains of black powder. Some new in-line models can handle up to 150 grains.

What type of powder and how many grains go into your 300 WSM 150 gr ballistic tips from the Winchester factory?

Company proprietary information.

150 grains to milligrams?

1 grain = 64.891mg, therefore 150 grains is: 150 x 64.891mg = 9,733.65mg

How much blackpowder to use in a 50 cal staghorn mag?

Quick disclaimer load the rifle according to manufacturer load data. what is safe in my rifle may not be safe for yours. There that part is done. That depends on what the stag horn mag rifle likes. The rifle can safely handle 150 grains of powder. black powder is measured by volume not weight. I have a staghorn mag. in 50 cal and it likes 100 grains of pyrodex pellets. I have shot 150 grains of both loose pyrodex and pellets but with no great accuracy. All because the rifle can handle 150 grains of powder doesn't mean it will shoot your bullet accurately. My rifle likes the 100 grains and I get decent groups. There are other factors as well bare in mind different bullets and will shoot differently too.

What is more powerful a 223 or 270 caliber rifle?

The 270 is more powerful. The .270 has a slightly larger projectile in diameter (.277 vs. .224) and a significantly heavier bullet (between 90 and 150 grains, vs. 45 - 80 grains for .223/5.56 loads). Additionally, the .270 utilises a much larger casing - the .30-06 casing, necked down to accommodate the smaller projectile of the .270 cartridge.

What is the maximum amount of black powder for a 50 cal wolf magnum?

The Wolf Magnum is rated for 150 grains maximum charge and designed for use with Pyrodex pellets or similar pellet type powder and 209 shotgun primer ignition.

What is more faster between Honda xr 200 or suzuki raider 150?

as what i have heard,suzuki raider 150 is more powerful than 200r.,but in my side,all i can say is raider 150 is more powerful than 200r.,.even if both are stock or modifide still raider 150 is faster than 200r.,

How many mg in 150 grain?

150 grains equates to about 9719.84mg

What is 1over150 grains equal to in mg?

1/150 grains = 0.432 mg

How many grains are in a 7mm - 08 bullet?

130 - 150 grains seems to be the norm.

What is more powerful a 2002 CRF 150 OR a 2002 CR 80?

cr 80

What is the value of a 300 WSM Winchester Model 70?

Add 67 grains of reloader 22 powder and a 150 grain sierra bullet your in business mister!! Less recoil and a hell of a lot of knock down!!!