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Yes, it can get cold at night in California. Despite it's warm reputation, California is NOT Florida or Hawaii. It goes without saying that the mountainous parts of the state can experience some downright frigid nights (and days). In fact, California's all-time lowest recorded temperature is -45F - similar to that recorded in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Of course, unlike the mountains, the coastal regions of California NEVER see the kind of cold experienced in the Midwest or East Coast. But neither does the California coast experience the kind of summer heat (or humidity) that the East Coast, Midwest, or Gulf Coast experiences. Even in, say, Santa Barbara or San Diego, summer high temperatures of 80 degrees are considerably above the norm. And while Minneapolis swelters with A/Cs cranked up on humid, 65-70 degree summer nights, you probably don't want to be in a swimsuit on the beach when it gets down to 50-55 windy degrees in July in Monterey.

The low altitude interior areas (like my hometown of Sacramento) can get quite hot in summer. 95-100 degree days are not at all uncommon here. However, even in midsummer, nights are cool in Sacramento and most other interior areas. Exceptions would be during heatwaves and/or in exceptionally hot places like Death Valley or Bakersfield. But here in Sacramento, you can EASILY experience a 55 degree jight after a 95 degree day. Nights where the low temperature only drops down to 79 degrees are exceptionally rare.

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Q: Does it get cold at night in California?
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