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Q: How is agricultural activities in ice cap?
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Consequence of agricultural revolution?

Which mean the ancient agricultural activities transfer into new agricultural activities that used advanced technology

Is Ice Cap a proper noun?

No, ice cap is a common noun. It is only a proper noun if it is the name of something specific, such as Ice Cap, Alaska or Ice Cap Products.

A mass of ice that forms at earth's poles and in mountain regions is a?

Cap Polar ice cap Mountain ice cap

How do you use the word ice cap in a sentence?

Global warming is on the rise again and the ice caps are melting rapidly.

What is the market cap for Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation AGM?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AGM) is $319,624,301.92.

How many polar ice caps does earth have?

Earth has two polar ice caps: the Arctic ice cap at the North Pole and the Antarctic ice cap at the South Pole.

What is mar's largest polar cap?

Mars' largest polar cap is the northern polar cap, known as the North Polar Ice Cap. It is made up of water ice and carbon dioxide ice, covering an area roughly equivalent to the size of Greenland on Earth.

What is the main environmental effects resulted from agricultural activities?

What agricultural activities are we talking about here? Please be more specific so the question can be answered.

Is there any ice cap in Malta?

No, Malta is a small island without mountains or an ice cap.

Coldest to warmest tundra subarctic humid continental ice cap?

Ice Cap, Subarctic, Tundra, and Humid Continental

What is an ice cap?

It is an ice cap (ice berg) found in the arctic.

There are two ice caps on Earth what are their names?

The two ice caps on Earth are the North Pole ice cap and the South Pole ice cap.