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In the polar region/zone, the temperature seldom rises above freezing.

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Q: In what zones does the temperature seldomly rise above freezing?
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What zones do the temperature seldomly rise above freezing?

The arctic and antarctic zones

In which temperature zones does the atmospheric temperature increase as the distance above sea level increases?

The atmospheric temperature increases with altitude in the stratosphere, which is in the middle zone of the atmosphere. This is due to the absorption of solar radiation by the ozone layer.

What are temperate zone?

The Earth has three major climate zones. The location and latitude are what mainly determines the zoning. Temperatures that are freezing are always coldest and is considered the area known as the north climate zone. Other zones that are not considered the north temperature zone are what makes up the southern temperature zone.

What are the Earth zones that are always below freezing?

most likely antarctica and iceland

Which continents that's spread across the three temperature zones?

Whichcontinents that's spread across the three temperature zones

What are the temperature zones in Sudan?

30 to 48

What temperature zones do penguins live in?

Penguins predominantly live in cold climates, occupying regions of the Southern Hemisphere such as Antarctica, Patagonia, and South Africa. They are well-suited to harsh, icy environments and often rely on their thick layer of blubber to stay warm in freezing waters.

When do objects radiate heat?

When their temperature is greater than the temperature of the adjacent zones.

Which temperature zone you are in depends on the?

Temperature zones are determined by the amount of sunlight an area receives, which is influenced by the latitude and altitude. The Earth's tilt also plays a role in determining temperature zones.

Why does temperature vary in earth's temperature zones?

because the sun shifts and the earth is at an angel

What are the names of the temperature zones?

The names of the temperature zones are tropical, temperate, and polar. These zones are determined based on the Earth's distance from the equator and the amount of sunlight they receive.

What are mount everest climate zones?

they are normal , then chilly , then freezing until you look loke a snow man!!!! lol