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Un collant (masc.) is a pantyhose in French. That was also used for a piece of adhesive tape.

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Q: What does un collant mean in French?
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What is 'un collant' when translated from French to English?

"A pair of tights" as a noun and "a clingy person" as a pronoun are English equivalents of the French phrase un collant. Either way, the pronunciation of the masculine singular phrase will be "eh ko-law" in French.

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How do you say the French word collant in English?

Collant means "tights" when speaking of women's clothing, or else it means "sticky".

What does un bus mean in french?

"un bus" is a bus in French.

What does un four mean in French?

un four is an oven in French

What does un sac mean in french?

un sac is a bag in French.

What does un crâne mean in French?

un crâne is a skull in French.

What does the french word un survetement mean?

un survêtement is a tracksuit in French.

What does un crayon mean in French?

"un crayon" (masc.) is a pencil in French.

What does j'ai un mean in French?

"J'ai un" in French translates to "I have a" in English.

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un serpent is a snake in French.