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Q: What is the cause of winter rainfall?
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What is winter monsoons?

Winter monsoons are periods of heavy rainfall in winter that can cause floods.

Why does Asia does not get any rainfall during winter?

Asia doesn't get any rainfall during the winter because of the monsoon season which does not bring any rainfall during the winter months.

What is the winter rainfall average in India?

the answer is 23.00

The nature of the winter rainfall in north western India is cyclonic or monsoonal?

The winter rainfall in northwestern India is typically associated with cyclonic disturbances originating from the western disturbances. These systems bring rainfall during the winter months. Monsoonal rainfall, on the other hand, occurs in the summer months due to the southwest monsoon winds.

What causes rainfall fluctuations?

There are several things that cause rainfall fluctuations. Two things that will cause rainfall to vary is the location and temperature.

What is the climate of the coast?

Mild in the winter, and hot in the summer, with a moderate amount of rainfall in winter.

Why does delhi gets winter rainfall?

western disturbance

Why does Cape Town receive winter rainfall?

Cape Town receives winter rainfall because it has Mediterranean Climate. In Mediterranean Climate, summers are hot and dry and winters are wet.

Why does murree have rainfall in winter?

Murree experiences rainfall in winter due to its high elevation and proximity to moisture-laden winds from the Mediterranean Sea. As these winds rise and cool over the mountains, they condense to form clouds and precipitation. This results in winter rainfall in Murree.

Does Most of the rainfall in South Asia comes in winter?

No, in South Asia, most of the rainfall occurs during the summer monsoon season, which typically lasts from June to September. Winter in this region is generally dry with cooler temperatures.

What is the climate of Central America?

Central America has a tropical humid climate. It has no real winter. Rainfall is high and regular.

Why doesnt it rain in winter in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg falls in a summer rainfall area and therefore it usually does not rain in winter, although it can rain in winter in Johannesburg.