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Q: What is the highest temperature in an igloo?
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Where was the hottest place in Antarctica?

The highest temperatures in Antarctica are generally experienced in the Antarctic Peninsula.

What is the highest temperature in the tropic?

The highest temperature is 93 f

What is europa's highest temperature?

Europa's highest temperature is 690ºc

What is finland's highest temperature?

Finlands highest temperature is in summer and it is 42c

How warm can an igaloo get?

An igloo can reach temperatures above freezing when occupied by humans, due to body heat and insulation. Without occupants, the inside of an igloo can be as cold as the surrounding outside temperature.

What is the highest temperature Agra in India?

45*c is the highest temperature (113)

What city has the highest average temperature?

which canadian capital city had the highest average temperature?

What is the highest recorded temperature in Majorca?

I think the highest recorded temperature was 45 Celsius.

How do you find a temperature range?

The highest temperature minus the lowest temperature is the temperature range. The temperature range is how many degrees is in between the highest and lowest temperatures.

How long can an igloo last in cold weather?

The temperatures inside an igloo rarely fall below 10-20 °C (50-68 °F). The igloo acts as a windbreak and a form of insulation to the outside temperatures. Energy from inside the igloo (persons body heat) is kept inside the igloo.

What is the highest temperature in candain shield region?

the highest temperature in candain shield might be -25

In Czech Republic what is the highest temperature?

The highest temperature recorded was 40.2 C at Prague Uhrineves.