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Full Faith and Credit

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Q: Ability to use your driver's license in any state in the union?
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Is a US drivers license valid in Europe?

A US drivers license is honored in most European countries. All of the countries belonging to the European Union recognize the US drivers license.

Does Alabama extend a drivers license expiration date for military members?

Any state in the union gives extensions to military members as long as there was a valid reason why the member couldn't do it in time.

If someone gets a ticket in their first year of their license and gets a license suspension but sends the fifty dollar fee to get their privileges back will they still get their license taken away?

A suspension means you have lost the right to drive, period. Each state in the United States has different rules. In this state, a suspension is for a specific period of time. After that, you need to go to the Drivers License Bureau to apply to get your license back. You should call the proper governmental office to get the answer to your question. In the United States, there are 50 states in the Union. Each state handles Drivers Licenses in its own way. In Canada there are 10 provinces. The same applies.

Can you ride a motorcycle in NH with a MA permit?

No. Get your license. Once you have your motorcycle license you can ride your motorcycle in any state in the union with a license from any other state. Do not try to do it on a learner's permit.

Where can a person go to get HGV training in Houston?

There are several Houston trucking schools that provide training for drivers wishing to prepare for the state's commercial driving license (CDL). Among them are CDL Express, Houston Community College, Commercial Drivers License Service and Get It Done CDL. The term "HGV", or heavy goods vehicle, is used mainly in the European Union.

Can you drive In Florida if you have a Connecticut license and you are 17 years old?

If you have a valid driver's license you can drive in any state in the union.

Can state employees credit union do mobile depodits?

It depends on which credit union the state uses. Mine just gained the ability to do so this year.

Is marriage a non leagal union?

No. Marriage is a legal union, recognized by the state. That is why you need a marriage license to get married, and why you have to go through the courts if you divorce.

What is true about the ability of congress to set conditions on a state seeking admission to the union?

congress must not interfere with a state's internal affairs

You live in Florida but you want to marry in Las Vegas is your marriage license good in your state?

The license is not, but the marriage certificate is. You can go to Vegas, obtain a license and get married. The resulting union is officially recognized anywhere in the US.

What union do the truck drivers at tops markets belong to?

Drivers that deliver to tops markets are in 246 teamster union.

Why does Delaware's license plate say The First State?

Delaware was the first to sign the declaration of independence or Constitution