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The only name of a ship that I can find for Giovanni Verrazzano is the one he sailed on, which was called La Dauphine.

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Q: Answer realalisticly what was Giovanni verrazzanos ships called?
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What transportation did Giovanni use?

he used ships

What were the ships Giovanni da Verazzano sailed on?

The ships he sailed on were La Pansee & La Dauphine.

Who gave Giovanni da verrazano the ships?

Francis I was the one who gave him all his ships, money, and supplies. He was from France.

Who sponsored Giovanni de verrazano's trips?

King Francis the First only provided the ships and he expected Giovanni to finance the venture.

What has the author Giovanni Lattanzi written?

Giovanni Lattanzi has written: 'Sulle ali del vento' -- subject(s): History, Navigation, Ships

Who sponsored Giovanni da verrazano?

Francis I was the one who gave him some of his ships supplies and money

How many ships did John Cabot own?

john Cabot/Giovanni Cabot had 1 ship i think

Who sponsered Giovanni da verrazano?

well Francis I was the one who gave him all his ships, money, and supplies

What were the ships called in the potato famine?

the ships carrying emigrants were called "coffin" ships

Who influenced Giovanni da verrazzano?

Francis I of France gave him the ships, supplies, and money to make his voyage possible.

Why were coofin ships called coffin ships?

Coffin ships were called coffin ships because lots of people died on them

why were the vikings' ships called called ships?

Because they were ships? Do you mean longships? They were long and thin.