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Q: Are Women are taking over the world?
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Anyone fancy taking over the world with you?

Don't you mean Anyone fancy taking over the world with me?

Is Walmart taking over the world?

No, Wal*Mart has no intention of taking over the world. Though it would be interesting ...

Who is taking over the world?


Are cats taking over the world?

No, cats will not take over the world. .

How did Europe have an impact on world culture?

after taking over the world

Is Doctor Who taking over the world?


How did women sports change over the last 50 years?

by taking part in sports

How do you avoid robots taking over the world?

Don't build robots that could take over the world.

Is facebook taking over the world?

no it's the bunnies!

Are snakes taking over the world?

Yes... Yes they are

In world war 2 when did women get called up for work?

In WW2, women took the positions of men who were off fighting in the war. When the men came back, they returned to their usual jobs, but over the years, more women started taking jobs in fields dominated by men.

What were some things women did after world war 2?

taking care of the soliders, and cooking for them